La Abadía for children and education

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

La Abadía Ibéricos is delighted to have been involved since 2019 in Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, alongside La Caixa Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Together, we help save millions of children from premature deaths and continue to work for the next generation.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance was set up in 2000 with a clear mission: to save children’s lives and protect public health, improving vaccine equity in the most disadvantaged countries. During this time, a historic milestone was reached: 700 children were vaccinated, preventing 10 million premature deaths.


Woman in STEM

In the 2021-22 academic year we’re sponsoring Queen Mary University of London’s Women in Science and Engineering network to empower young female university students in these disciplines.

While women dominate universities, they’re a minority in the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – which will shape the jobs of the future and are the driving force for innovation, public welfare, inclusive growth and sustainable development.

The Tree of Dreams

‘The Tree of Dreams’ has been our charity challenge for Christmas 2021.

La Abadía Ibéricos has fulfilled the requests of 30 children aged 2 to 12 who wrote to us asking for a gift.

We’re taking part in this charitable initiative launched by Caixa Proinfancia, the Red Cross, Cáritas and the Cepaim Foundation to make the dreams of children at risk of social exclusion come true.

Training young people in Bitam (Gabon)

Through the Juntos Mejor Foundation for education and development, on this occasion we’re patrons of a project for 450 young people in Africa.

It’s taking place in Bitam (Gabon), a tropical forest region where the Congregation of Jesus and Mary has a home for 16 children and a boarding school for 25 young people. We provide them with materials for teaching and training the children and young people.

The goals are very clear:

– Get young people off the street and provide them with healthy recreation.

– Foster a more attractive human and religious education to capture their attention more effectively.

– Give them a sense of belonging outside the family sphere.

– Teach them to take on small responsibilities and commitments outside of their environment.

A long-term strategy with transformative education for children and young people as well as supporting women and their personal development.

Literacy project in Haiti

The Congregation of Jesus and Mary, devoted to educating children and young people, is present in Spain and other countries.

In Haiti they’re carrying out the ‘Step by Step’ Project, which began in the 2018-19 school year and which we contribute to.

They’ve created a space to provide educational support for boys and girlsof school age from very disadvantaged backgrounds, with scarce resources and difficult family situations:

For women with small businesses unable to read or write and wanting to learn; young students in professional schools or universities who need a grant to continue their studies.

The aim is to improve skills and freedom with ethical training that adds ‘value to others’